Would you like to be a better storyteller and help people connect to the wonders of nature?

The Storytelling for Outdoor Learning course may be just what you need to transform yourself, your students and our world!

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This unique course has been specially created for:
  • Classroom Teachers and Teaching Assistants
  • Forest School Leaders, Outdoor Educators and Education Rangers
  • Youth leaders including Scout Leaders and Woodcraft folk
  • Adventure and Wilderness Guides
  • Home educating parents
  • Teachers of English as a foreign language
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nursery and Kindergarten Staff
  • ... and anyone else who wants to share a wonder, care and love of nature!
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"Do you know what? This IS INSPIRATIONAL!! I love the story, the background information, the ideas. It's a fabulous resource. It's also very supportive recognizing that its not always easy to tell a story" Sara Collins, Teacher, Outdoor educator & Mum

Improve your confidence, widen your repertoire, learn new skills, try out tips and tricks and give others the pleasure of a good story and meaningful connection with Nature!

What do you get when you enroll?
  • A monthly short story on video for you to learn in your own time with loads of extra goodies!
  • Chris Holland telling his favourite folktales, fables and creation myths from around the world
  • Printable curriculum links and activity ideas for each story
  • Top tips to transform your telling and teaching from expert tellers
  • Storyboards hand drawn by Chris to help you remember each story at a glance
  • Activity guides and games to try out that are directly related to the story
  • Discussion topics and book reviews
  • Mentoring questions and membership only Facebook group forum
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files of each story....and more!

Would you like to create memorable learning experiences using story telling and the wonders of nature?

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Storytelling tips & tricks

Hand-drawn storyboards to print off

Curriculum links and activity ideas

Activity ideas for all ages

What do course participants think of it?

"Mr Holland, you are the best storyteller in the world!" Tim, age 5

Do you know what? This is INSPIRATIONAL! I love the story, the background information, the ideas. It's a fabulous resource. It's also very supportive recognizing that its not always easy to tell a story.

Sara Collins, Outdoor educator, Teacher, Mum

"Emboldened to keep trying. This course is just what I need and I'm enthused to keep on trying and build up a store of stories. The visual storyboard is an excellent device for someone whose memory is not reliable!"

Fiona Hamilton, Forest school leader

I think it is a really good setup - with you telling the story first and then all sorts of different spin offs. Especially I liked the beautiful storyboard, the way you told about your childhood carving and the life in the soil and the learning-curriculum-linking (it gave me lots of ideas).

My Kjellberg, Nature Guide

"Really enjoyed the stories. Well resourced, fun and interactive sessions. Will definitely recommend. Thank you."

Miss Clare, Yr 3 teacher

"Lovely musical stories and shared experiences. Brilliant!"

Liz and Lilly, Home educating family

Chris, thanks for all the ideas, inspiration, help and time. Amazing energy and very skilful.

Ben Jolly, Big Creative Education
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Why get loads of ideas for your teaching practice, for free!?

  • Storytelling improves listening skills and encourages reading and descriptive writing
  • Narratives inform play and behaviour inside and outdoors
  • Stories motivate non-English speakers to write English
  • Fables and tales provide excellent beginnings for discussion and enquiry based learning
  • Inclusive and interactive storytelling fosters community in the audience
  • Storytelling is in our DNA and enjoyed by boys and girls, young and old!
  • The stories provide an excellent launch for termly topics and environmental education.
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"Chris Holland's storytelling comes from an understanding and relationship with the earth that opens the listener to the natural world. Always a delight!"

Jane Flood
Jane Flood Jane Flood Storyteller

"Dear Chris, You're a natural storyteller who knows his audience incredibly well. Our reception and year 1 children were spellbound; many thanks!"

Sue Saunders
Sue Saunders Head Teacher, James Allen's Pre-prep.

Chris blowing a spiral didgeridoo.

HI! It's Chris Holland here... thanks for looking in.


I am so pleased you found the website. I have wondered if you would like to know something about me, and whether I am qualified to teach this course... the best thing is to find out for yourself by enrolling on the free course... but here is a bit of a resume:

I have been an outdoor educator working with stories and narrative led learning since 1997.

In 2009 I self-published a best selling, playful, hands-on nature connection guidebook called I LOVE MY WORLD. It has sold over 6000 copies and used by forest school leaders, teachers and educators around the globe. It is also widely recommended by forest school trainers. I also contributed a chapter to STORYTELLING FOR A GREENER WORLD (Hawthorne Press 2014)

I have a degree in Environmental Science,  have been a forest school leader since 2004 and deliver INSET and CPD training in various aspects of creative outdoor learning across the UK and increasingly beyond. - (but not quite to infinity says Buzz).

I am grateful to hear that my telling style appeals to and engages all ages. I have told tales at the fireside, in classrooms and on stages, around the world...and even underground at the amazing Centre for Ancient Technology in Dorset. I am now trying storytelling out on the web to help share my love, wonder and care for the wild nature around and within us, while helping improve your Bardic skills those of your students.

I hope you will sign up for the year course for the benefits it will bring you and your students. Storytelling is in our DNA. Our ancestors were tellers and survivors. The human story will continue and the  stories and seeds we sew will influence the future.   I also hope that you will sign up because it will help me achieve my dream of planting a forest garden on some land in Devon  and a portion of the profits will also go towards helping tribal people around the world have rights to the land they live on by supporting the work of Survival International.

Warmly and with gratitude, 


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Get 20% off The Year Course with this coupon in November 2018: down2earth
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