Why I became a Storyteller

I decided to become a storyteller because of a story I heard…

Late one night at a festival in the woodlands of Sussex UK, the county of my birth, I listened to a man who had recently returned from troubled lands in the Middle East. He was re-telling a tale featuring the wise and funny King Solomon with the message that “the land is not ours to own“. We listeners laughed, shared a moment together and were all transformed in our own ways. For me it was a realisation that I could share knowledge, love, insight, reflection and understanding of the world we live in in a non preachy, humorous way through storytelling.

At the time I had not long completed a degree in Environmental Science, joined a band, was having a go at living close to the earth in a fledgeling community, and exploring the power of music and intention to bring about change. Until now I thought had only really experienced storytelling in the didactic “we are the experts telling you what to think way”. Later I realised how David Attenborough’s television based nature storytelling and many of the books I had read as a child had influenced me subconsciously too!.

With live storytelling I saw not only the opportunity to share opinions and a sense of wonder about the world, but also to weave in music, songs and that stories, like music and dance, are an age old element of community.

I had been looking for a trade… there were a lot of builders, plumbers and engineers in the world already, and in the words of David Orm, there was also a need for Storytellers

I wanted to share stories that told of our partnership with nature not our dominion over it to give listeners another choice of how to view the world; stories that seeded hope and fables that caution disrespect and greed; tales that bring solace to loss and despair as well as laughter and curiosity to a classroom.

Just like there are plants to heal every human physical ailment, there are stories to heal every soul.

I consider myself a budding storyteller, as the list of tales I have to tell numbers in the tens, not the hundreds.

I think I have a way to go….

However, in the words of Richard Bach, “you teach best what you most need to learn” and so I feel it is time for me to teach in order to become a better storyteller. A journey starts with one step. I am very grateful to have had a long journey to get to this point.  The path to being a wise and hearty, old, white haired grandad has led me to this point… older, greyer and wiser that I was when I started in my twenties… but now I feel it is time to give something back to the community I am part of… and the storytelling for outdoor learning course is where it is at for now… all part of the onward journey, and hopefully an inspiration and assistance to you on your path.


Storytelling for outdoor learning